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pisces moon and chiron in the fifth house

when you have these things, it's hard to know what you like and to express your needs and to express yourself creatively.
on the other hand, it's easy to serve and help others and to develop strategies for them to become emotionally dependent on you.

i like:
woody allen movies
chillout music
flamenco dance- especially performed live, especially by male dancers
big cities like bangkok
thai food
art galleries after a glass of dry white wine
campari and soda at 11 am in the morning like an italian donna
movies about moving to another country, especially around the Mediterranean
Mediterranean balconies with newly washed laundry
Trastevere in Rome
kickboxing (i think)
Frida Kahlo

Guest Photographer Maxime Gautier; daily Pi photo

Someone stole a picture and used it on their Fake Facebook-profile... and someone emailed me and told me about it!

OK! Well, I don't really mind. But what about the guy on the photo? He didn't even know I took the picture as he was smoking his day away in Gokarna. I bet he would be surprised if he saw himself on a Bengali profile picture.