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Teaching Yoga Here

I came to Ibiza for the first time to teach at Ibiza Yoga in the north of the island. It was in 2009, late february. I had been through a very difficult time in my life, and I looked for new opportunities. I was offered two yoga teaching jobs- one here, in Ibiza, and one in my home town, Malmö. Funnily enough both owners of respective yoga studio/retreat was called Daniel.
I ended up choosing Ibiza. I feel as if my choice led me to the life I am living now. It was an important crossroads. In a parallel reality I would have stayed in Malmö and my life would had been very different.
Now I'm living in Ibiza, working here, speaking some kind of Spanish, and I gave birth to our son here.
This week I'm back at teaching in Ibiza Yoga, and I'm really enjoying it. It feels like a closure, a circle coming to completion, a cycle of life, an end and a beginning.

Me and Mummy in Barcelona

First of all, we had to through this security control, where mummy had to remove me out of the BabyBjörn and carry me through the systems, and then she put me on this table when she put the BabyBjörn back on. The staff at the airport thought I was adorable and took pictures of me.
I was wearing my cool jeans and mummy made me try a chair on my own. I personally thought it was slightly too large, as I'm still a bit small. But it was good practice for the future.
This is the guy that sat next to us. His name is Pablo and he is from Tenerife. He is a lawyer and he comes to Ibiza a lot for holidays. He was my in-flight entertainment. But then he asked for mummy's phone number and she said....OK.... and then he sent her many many whatsapps but she just didn't answer them so he stopped.
So we found our Airbnb place in Born, very close to Jaume I, and just off Calle Princessa, and the first place we went to was Bun Bo Vietnamese Restaurant which mummy LOVES. I was practicing eat…

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