Today I wish I was in Paris

Today I wish I was in Paris.
Listening to Hotel Costes... in one moment I am transported to cold, wintery streets of a Parisian Sunday.
I wish I could live more freely, moving around more often.
I often want to be somewhere else, just for a few days. Coming home in between to my comfortable house and routine and sunshine and fresh oranges from the trees in my garden, but just the change... and the pulse of the big city... and something different. I long for difference.

Life on a small Mediterranean island, you might think. That I get bored from it. But I was always like this. With a big (huge) appetite for travelling, moving, and seeing different places. My happiest moments are the first few days in a new place. I feel fresh, new, clean, alive, all senses fully activated.
When I stay in one place longer than a few months, something starts to die inside. From seeing the same, the same, the same...

I want to take my son everywhere with me. Showing him the world. Experiencing it with him.

Today I wish we were in Paris. Having a brunch in Hotel Costes in front of the fireplace in a plush sofa. Strolling through the grandeur and popping into a gallery. Stopping for coffee and macaroons and then having an afternoon nap in our old fashioned hotel, watching children's television.


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