Temples in Thailand are different when you travel with a baby

 Because when the baby likes the temple, it means we will stay in the temple. Because we follow baby's rhythm more than any other rhythm. We are travelling to the beat of baby's heart, following his feelings and needs. If baby likes temple, we will stay in the temple.
 So many cozy carpets. So much beautiful light. So much glittering stuff to laugh at and look at. While the other tourists come and go, snap a few shots, we stay. Baby climbing towards Buddha. Baby laughing at temple dogs. Baby happy- parents happy.
 And I have never seen a thai temple from this perspective. I always rushed through, like the other tourists. This time I stayed, I felt, I looked, I inhaled and exhaled. It was a beautiful space. I might not have seen all the temples in chian Mai, but I really FELT this one.
 Temples look different when you travel with baby. The world looks different with baby. It's colours are decided by this little creature that you love more than anything.
And then baby falls asleep, peacefully. Temple baby.