What is really important

This book, "I kroppen min" by Swedish journalist and writer Kristian Gidlund, is a real masterpiece.
A young mans journey towards death, described in such detail, with such a juicy vocabulary and mastery. I have no real words to describe how this book feels; but I know why it became a best seller in Sweden. 
It is just so raw, open and brutally heartbreaking. I don't know what it's done to other people who have read it, but I'm sure they have also been deeply affected by it. 
I especially am touched what he's writing about the children he will never have. He writes to them with such sadness and presence, as if they already exist. 

I deactivated my Facebook account last week. It was a decision based on a few factors not necessary to reveal, but what's necessary to mention is that it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. 

I have so much more space now. I don't "have to" check notifications and messages, I don't "have to" collect likes or share intelligent quotes. I feel so much more present in life. 

This book has reminded me how precious it all is. My child. My time. This moment. 
To not waste these precious moments of this gift called life with scrolling on Facebook all day is one of the most important feelings in my life right now. 

Thank you Kristian for sharing your journey towards the end of your life. As unfair and untimely as your death was, as grateful am I that you remind us who are still here what a precious gift it is.