When on the Road

When I am on the Road
I remember more of who I am
I don't cook
I don't clean
I don't laundry
I don't Facebook
I don't organize

I read more
I think more
I watch more
I feel more
I live more

More lonely, less lonely

More time, less activity

Sad and Happy



De-tangle from the normal occupations and distractions
De-associate from all the things I feed my mind to shut it up

Scary to feel the empty again
But necessary to remember
That I am NOT all that frantic activity that I fill the space with every day

I am this: empty, emotional, feeling, scared, happy, hungry, sad, restless

I am not this: cleaning freak, organizing, hard working, cooking, baking, laundring

I am also this since April 2013: a mother

I am a travelling mother who doesn't go out alone to drink beer and potentially meet someone, anyone

I am connected in soul, heart and body to my son

Forever changed
...and I didn't take this picture, Noam did


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