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Travelling with a Baby in Thailand- a whole new perspective

You might think there are worries closely attached to travelling with a baby. Dangers, annoyances. Hardship.
But no. Not in Thailand, anyway.

It's surprising, how it has all turned out.
It turns out, we are travelling with someone who is treated like a famous person!

Wherever we go, there are be people flocking around him. Pinching his cheeks, smiling at him, taking him from our arms, picking him up and just walking away- parading him to their friends and co-workers on the streets. Feeding him things that I am furiously snatching back out of his hands while trying to keep a cool smile to the person and just firmly say "no thank you" and know there is no point in me lecturing to a whole nation how I do not want to baby to eat sugar, salt and processed foods. And certainly NOT Coca Cola!!!

Even if he happens to be sleeping, people cannot stop themselves. They lift his hat, they giggle and coo, and wake him up, to my big disappointment. They treat him a bit like a cute pup…