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Pi 1 Year

It was my son's first birthday. Actually, it was the night before his first birthday, and I was baking cakes. Running from the recipe on my computer screen to the cupboards to the fridge to the stove to the computer screen, now full of dusted spots of flour. A mummy baking cakes in a frenzy the night before her son's birthday. I thought to myself that there must have been millions of scenes like this in millions of mummy's kitchens before millions of little boys and girls birthdays.
The funny part is that I was baking the cakes for everyone except the birthday boy, because I don't allow the birthday boy to eat sugar. I thought I'd tease him a little (yes, I tease my little 1 year old son sometimes!) and I put these tempting things in front of him.
As you can see on his face, he was grumpy about the whole thing. He tried to reach them, climbing out of his high chair and onto the table. But I am faster than him, for now at least.  So he gave up and decided to get in…

Still Digesting Cambodia

I'm really still trying to "get over it". Still chewing it in my mind. What a trip! One day I'll write something about it. About Cambodia. Not Thailand and Laos, but Cambodia, the country I fled with relief and disgust, not looking back. What a place, what an imprint it made in me.
Here in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap with my little bundle of love and happiness.