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California Dreaming Roadtrip: Coming up winter 2015

This will be the start of the trip... Landing in beautiful San Francisco, jumping out of the plane and into a car and then discovering this Northern California Dreaming City... Video by Avis!

I was always a traveller, in my body and soul. So was Noam. Now we have together created this little guy called Pi, and he has been forced into a travelling life. If he agrees to it or not, we shall see around the age of fourteen or so. But until then, we are his parents, free to drag him all around the world as many times as we wish. Until then Pi.. you're coming with us!

In the first year of his life he went on 22 airplane rides. He visited Madrid when he was 8 weeks old, to go to the Swedish Embassy to get his passport, and from then on he has been free to roam the planet.

The first winter of his life was spent on the road in South East Asia. On tuktuks, motorbikes, boats, buses and trains, three months of journeying through the colourful vibrancy of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Maybe he …

Saturday Feeling

In the big city, you can always sense the Saturday feeling. That feeling of freedom, family and fun.  Market, shopping, slow, no rush. Together. Longer coffee and slower breakfast.  I lived in London for five years. I loved Saturdays there. Even though I normally worked, I still loved the feeling in the air.  A happy feeling.  Today I feel Saturday slow happy easy here in Ibiza, too. My son started going to the kindergarden so now we have some sort of a different break at the weekend. Otherwise, the season is a nonstop 24 hours a day 7 days a week 5 month long working period. But now, with this new distinction, we have the Saturdayfeeling.  I just had a long slow yoga practice while my son is taking a much longer nap than usually. Saturday style. 
The windows are wide open and the birds are singing outside. The apricot tree is full of almost ready fruits. 
Happy Saturday, whoever you are and wherever you may be. 

Look up- that famous youtube video and The Age of Aquarius

Look Up! Stop twittering, facebooking, instagramming. Look up! See that person next to you. Cherish that moment. Enjoy your life. Enjoy meeting the eyes of another human being. Don't miss your life.

Loneliness in a world of social media, spinning faster and faster. Always inside our notifications and chats.

It's really true and the video really touched me. We are doing exactly this, right here, right now, in this time.

BUT- of course there's a BUT:
There's also the REALITY. This is THE TIME WE ARE LIVING IN.
We need to flow with the time, follow it, and not resist it and long for the past.
Who wants to be in the past anyway? Who would now want to go back to living without technology and social media? Do YOU want to wonder about a statistic or name, and go to your dusty bookshelf, find the right dictionary in the A-Z collection, and then find the right page, only to find some piece of information not updated since the year of publishing? I don't think so!