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California Dreaming Roadtrip: Coming up winter 2015


This will be the start of the trip... Landing in beautiful San Francisco, jumping out of the plane and into a car and then discovering this Northern California Dreaming City... Video by Avis!

I was always a traveller, in my body and soul. So was Noam. Now we have together created this little guy called Pi, and he has been forced into a travelling life. If he agrees to it or not, we shall see around the age of fourteen or so. But until then, we are his parents, free to drag him all around the world as many times as we wish. Until then Pi.. you're coming with us!

In the first year of his life he went on 22 airplane rides. He visited Madrid when he was 8 weeks old, to go to the Swedish Embassy to get his passport, and from then on he has been free to roam the planet.

The first winter of his life was spent on the road in South East Asia. On tuktuks, motorbikes, boats, buses and trains, three months of journeying through the colourful vibrancy of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Maybe he wasn't ALWAYS that appreciative. Like, here.. we discovered the most spectacular Buddhist monument in the middle of Chiang Mai city, northern Thailand, while he just... slept. Like a baby. 

This coming winter we plan a different trip. Where, if he wants to sleep, he will be missing out on other stuff. 

We are going on a roadtrip! A PROPER one. A CLASSIC one. An AMERICAN one. 

With great roads, easy fun riding, stops along the highway and real american diners with bottomless coffee, hamburgers and milkshakes. Healthy sprouty salads and breathtaking views. All the way down to Los Angeles and San Diego. Stop in LA to practice yoga with my favourite yoga teacher Shiva Rea and eat raw superfoods and visit Hollywood and live it large. 
You know where life looks a bit like this. 

Always a sunset, always a road, always perfect tall palm trees reaching towards eternity. Always that carefree and thoughtfree feeling, like there's not a single problem in the world, like there's not a single cloud in the sky. Like we're all movies stars.

Hazy apricot colored skies, happy people. Everything a bit fuzzy, blurry, dreamy- you know. Perfect, despite all the imperfect horrible American consumerism and capitalism. Perfect, just like in the movies we grew up watching or perfect, just like in a picture from a vacation. Perfect, just like a childhood dream. Perfect, exactly because it is a dream. A dream we decide to live for a short chapter in our lives.

And where this is the view as you drive south on Highway 1 with California Dreaming blasting from the speakers while the kid in the backseat sings along and smiles as the warm wind ruffles his blonde hair and blows it into his shiny blue eyes. And where everything looks like a sunbleached Kodak photo from the 70's. And where you make stories about the people passing by in the other cars. 

Where foggy, hazy skies, actually made from all the car pollution, create a scenic, pink sunset and everything feels as romantic and beautiful just like a Hollywood romantic comedy where everyone is still skinny and happy and delicately bronzed and fit despite their overconsumption of Coca Cola, carcinogenic sunrays and pollution. The Dream of forever and holding hands while running on the beach, into the mist created by the most perfect surf wave ever seen. 

Where taking a turn off the highway might lead us to some godforsaken little town full of friendly, yet rather dumb, hillbillies. Eating cherry pie in a diner fit for a Beverly Hills teenage movie set. Seeing real hippies pass by in their mobile homes on the way to park their crosslegged position on a beach somewhere, tanned and sunbleached, growing weed out of their dreadlocks and beans and lentils falling out of their pockets. 

Stopping to watch the surfers as they perfectly flow through the tunnels of the water, saying "that's rad, man!" and thinking that life here really does like like an Instagram photo with that pinkish red tinted effect on it. 

Stopping in a motel, spontaneously chosen due to its classic neon-sign, after having watched the sunset. Finding a room full of minibar and TV and big comfortable bed to jump on. Finding a mirror in the ceiling, giggling together on the bed while making faces to ourselves. Finding a lady in the reception who looks like someone in Twin Peaks. Finding ourselves asleep in the huge bed with the TV still showing comedy series.

Finding ourselves awake the next morning, ready to jump into the car, now feeling like our second home, for another California Dreamin' Day on the road, driving through the glitter and glam of a perfect picture daydream.

This time none of the pictures are mine; Avis video by AVIS, Pi pictures by dad Noam Ofir and California Dreamin' photos from Google. Mamas and the Papas video from YouTube. 


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