Look up- that famous youtube video and The Age of Aquarius

Look Up! Stop twittering, facebooking, instagramming. Look up! See that person next to you. Cherish that moment. Enjoy your life. Enjoy meeting the eyes of another human being. Don't miss your life.

Loneliness in a world of social media, spinning faster and faster. Always inside our notifications and chats.

It's really true and the video really touched me. We are doing exactly this, right here, right now, in this time.

BUT- of course there's a BUT:
There's also the REALITY. This is THE TIME WE ARE LIVING IN.
We need to flow with the time, follow it, and not resist it and long for the past.
Who wants to be in the past anyway? Who would now want to go back to living without technology and social media? Do YOU want to wonder about a statistic or name, and go to your dusty bookshelf, find the right dictionary in the A-Z collection, and then find the right page, only to find some piece of information not updated since the year of publishing? I don't think so!

Astrologically, we are now in the Age of Aquarius. Before this, only a few years ago, we transited from the Age of Pisces. Pisces represents, limits, slavery, religion and institutions. The past hundreds of years have been exactly THAT, slavery, religion, institutions. We have been ruled by religion which has forced us into certain societal situations. We are now finally breaking free from this bullshit called religion, which is something from the past. thank GOD!- and we are moving into the age of Aquarius, where we are global, connecting, technological and more into what's happening on a bigger scale.

THANKS TO social media, we now know about everything going on in the world- especially that in the name of religion. People killing and oppressing in the name of religion, is all being broadcasted and spread through social media. Isn't that just AMAZING? What happened in Cambodia and Rwanda for example was a secret to the world, partly because there was no social media, and thus could be controlled by the leaders to not leak out.
What happened in Turkey recently was all over social media despite the government trying to cover it up in media. What is happening in Nigeria right now- hundreds of girls been kidnapped from their school in the name of religion.
It might not at the moment, lead to a change or that "help" will arrive faster to disastrous situations. But it's just the beginning. Everything is is CONSTANT CHANGE and we all know that humanity cannot go on like it is, killing each other and the planet. Something needs to change, as it always is changing, just like nature always changes.

Likeminded people are connecting all over the world. New combinations, new mixes, new beginnings, all thanks to social media.
It's a new beginning, and it's only the start. We shouldn't resist reality as it is, but instead see how fantastic it all actually is. Social media and the internet makes us INDEPENDENT and GLOBAL, instead of dependent on old and mouldy religious institutions, only installing fear into its little followers and slaves.

We can now create our OWN REALITY, beyond governments and religious institutions. We create our own circles, our own beliefs, thanks to all the information we have at hand.

Sure, do look up, too. But don't ever, ever look back.