Saturday Feeling

In the big city, you can always sense the Saturday feeling. 
That feeling of freedom, family and fun. 
Market, shopping, slow, no rush. Together. Longer coffee and slower breakfast. 
I lived in London for five years. I loved Saturdays there. Even though I normally worked, I still loved the feeling in the air. 
A happy feeling. 
Today I feel Saturday slow happy easy here in Ibiza, too. My son started going to the kindergarden so now we have some sort of a different break at the weekend. Otherwise, the season is a nonstop 24 hours a day 7 days a week 5 month long working period. But now, with this new distinction, we have the Saturdayfeeling. 
I just had a long slow yoga practice while my son is taking a much longer nap than usually. Saturday style. 

The windows are wide open and the birds are singing outside. The apricot tree is full of almost ready fruits. 

Happy Saturday, whoever you are and wherever you may be. 


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