11 July 2014

Such indescribable Love

It's so hard to grasp.. The hugeness of being a mother. It's insane and wonderful. It's impossible to describe to someone who doesn't have a child. It's just this other dimension of humanity where such wideness and depth exists in this love. And the insane strength you posses when it comes to caring for your little one. 
In this picture, in his eyes, I see eternity. 
I see the meaning of everything. 
I see life as it moves along, dies and is reborn again. 
Life as it was before he was born, looks free and fun, but so, so little and so, so poor. 
To love someone more than you love yourself is such a blessing, such a step up towards the wholeness of it all. 
I'm so grateful to this soul for showing me this love and strength. 

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