20 July 2014

Taking sides

It's making me really sad to see so many people engaging in this conflict through their postings on Facebook. 
An age old conflict, now saturated with hatred and blind rage, only fueled and economically supported due to people from the outside taking sides. 
Why do people give it their energy?
Why do governments, countries and individuals with money support it?
Why has it become such a fashionable thing to be supporting or hating one of them?

Why support at all?
Why hate?

Only love and peace can make a change. And as we all know, change only starts within ourselves. 

I am convinced that the people living in the midst of bombs/and or alarms sounding all the time, are not interested in living inside a war. I am convinced they do not want this in their daily lives. 

It makes me so sad to see people who are not personally involved posting opinions or articles in Facebook, showing their support for either side. 
I find it unsupportive for humanity, to support this conflict in any way. It's such an ongoing tragedy, and it deserves none of our energy or attention. 

I wish all beings directly involved in this conflict will one day shed their identification with their religion or country, and start the inner change towards peace. 

I wish peace for all beings, and I wish we as a society and people on a planet can stop this identification with an external structure, such as country or religion or race. As long as we keep identifying ourselves as belonging to a race, country or religion, we are distancing ourselves from one another and creating borders and differences and hostility. And ultimately, war. 
I wish we can all see we are all one, living on one planet. I wish we can use all the resources being put into this war into benefiting humanity in positive ways. 

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  1. This article may be interesting for you to read Lnda http://www.rense.com/general86/zelephant.htm it kinda explains why countries are taking sides, and who's pulling the stings, but sadly doesn't excuse any of the evil taking place, love and peace to you and yours, and all mankind. xo


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