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On Breastfeeding

When we give birth we are literally PUSHED into breastfeeding by various staff and people around us. If it doesn't come easily, our boobs are squeezed and pushed by hands and machines. We feel like cows, we feel abused, and we feel pretty useless and tearful.

Once we get a hang of it, we then start being pushed to STOP breastfeeding. Society or our jobs or our families or friends start the pushing this time- isn't it time to stop that?- they say, through various hints.

I had a VERY hard time in the beginning. The pure shock of the pain of giving birth, didn't prepare me for the pure shock of the amount of love I feel for that little person. And then the month-long shock of how difficult it was to get the breastfeeding right- nothing and nobody could have prepared me or warned me about how hard it actually was. I thought it would come naturally, you know.. easily. It took me five long nightmarish weeks to get it right.

Once it started to flow, it was really wonderful. My s…