Shit Day

Having a shit day.
Sick child for four long days. Four long nights of not sleeping and days of crying and tantrums. I'm losing my patience. I just want everything to be normal again. Or at least, I'd like him to have a really long nap so I can have some quiet time for me. 
Took him to the hospital this morning. Stomach flu. 
Went to the post office to ask for a postbox- for the third time. The first time they couldn't do it. The second time the person with the keys weren't there. This time it took them 15 minutes to start the computer and then they started asking me all these stupid questions to fill in their computer-form. After 20 minutes my son threw a tantrum and I lost it completely. Asked her why all this was necessary. Snatched my documents back out of her hand and stormed out of there with a crying toddler, stroller, bag, jackets and myself crying. 
I lost it. 
No patience, no sleep..