Madrid again

Finding myself in Madrid again. Only a couple of hours to breathe in this city that I really have come to like. 
The problem with short visits is always the same; they're too short. It's not an express 24-hour type city like New York or London. No- it's a slow place with a slow pace and you can only eat lunch after 13:30 and dinner after 20:30 and if you want to enjoy something in between those hours you're left with generic and/or touristy crap and then the point is lost. So today's transit is one of those in between times when the city is just yawning it's way through yet another coffee and cigarette to wake itself up to this winter Wednesday. 
I had planned to have lunch here but luckily I double checked my flight from here to Copenhagen and it leaves at 16:20 so I need to leave the city right at the beginning of lunchtime. 
Oh well. It's not the first time I walk around this city waiting for something to open, only for having to rush back to the airport. 
Madrid needs time, patience and long nights. Madrid needs that we sleep til noon and eat dinner at midnight. That's it's charm. It's like no other capital city in Europe; it's just so lazy and so slow and so much about pleasures and arts. 
I guess I'll just keep sitting here for a while. Pi is sleeping and I have my tired pregnant legs up on a chair. I am dressed for Swedish winter so the Spanish winter seems more than pleasant.