10 days of being so, so sick

It's hard to believe now, in retrospect. 10 days.. Just GONE. And I'm still weak like crazy, I need to remember to not overdo it, and to go slowly now on the rocky road to recovery. Having the flu when you're pregnant in the third trimester proved to be very, very hard; I feel like I was wiped out completely by something so violent and fierce that I didn't stand a chance in its bulldozing of my body. 
On the 7th day with violent coughing and excruciating pain in the lungs and high fever I went to the emergency and I was given antibiotics. It has taken another few days for them to work and now I'm left feeling dry, lightheaded, ungrounded. But I'm thankful that these drugs do exist because on that day when I started them, I has lost ALL my mental power and I was giving up. It reminded me of when I had malaria in India in 2005; when you're so, so sick that you get to a point when you just give up and all you want to do is sleep. That's a dangerous place to be, I think. That's when you need someone else to kick you in the ass- if need be, all the way to the doctors clinic!
But today I took my son to the kindergarden in the morning AND I went grocery shopping afterwards. And when. I was back home, I did some stuff there too, before actually working. Now I'm resting though as I feel this weird feeling of contractions happening (it's too soon for that!! it happened a few weeks ago and I googled it- it can mean I'm dehydrated and that I'm moving too fast and too much, so... Rest!)
I think I'm in week 32 now. Two whole months to go! I wonder if I'm able to fully recover from this violent flu before then.. All the hard work with the yoga and swimming and eating healthy seems to have gone out the window as I ate only chicken soup and lost some weight and definitely all the muscles I've been working on in the upper back, shoulders and hips. I think I'll start with a few minutes of yoga later today to soften my stiff and painful back a bit, and maybe, just maybe I'll go swimming tomorrow...
Since yesterday it's super sunny here, and feels like spring is in the air. Beautiful!!