Cuteness Overdose and Catching up with Life

Today I feel slightly more "back to life". I got some blood test results back though, and I'm severely anaemic. Not so good when you're gonna give birth in a few weeks- quite risky business. So now I need to go on a mission to nourish myself with iron. Been there before, so not worried! But it's always nice to understand why the hell I'm sooo tired. 
And it wasn't the flu I had- it was bronchitis. They don't give antibiotics for flu. Doh. I was under the impression that that's what it was but the doctor today told me it was bronchitis that I had. No wonder I'm coughing and coughing and coughing, then. It was all locate dint he lungs, which was what I felt also for three days before collapsing into "i give up!"-mode that day when I went to the emergency. Being sick in the lungs is so draining. All the life force is just collapsed out of you. I've had pneumonia a few times in my life and there's nothing harder on the body, I think. All the chi, prana, qi- life force- is right there, in the air we take in to our body. Scary shit. 
I'm having amazing dreams at the moment- it's that famous third trimester hallucinatory state at night. Last night I was back in my old apartment in Gracia, Barcelona, and it had all these hidden doors to big, beautiful rooms, balconies, bathrooms and spaces that I had no idea existed before. I loved it, and it was all mine! 
I'm sitting here at my desk trying to re-organize my life. Writing lists, trying to set appointments. Almost two weeks of being sick and I feel very much like life passed me by and I missed so many things. Now the backlash is here, and I have a lot to do. 
But my back is also telling me yoga please!! So that's what I'm gonna do right now, before Pi wakes up from his nap...
Have a beautiful day, with love from cute blossoming Ibiza


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