Just after swimming...

...i sit there, just a few moments. I eat an apple, I drink water, a few almonds. 
I've been weightless, I've used important muscles to support the increasingly heavy front, I've taken a hot steamy shower and I'm dressed and ready for the day. 
It's such a nice moment. The body and mind feels so clean, fresh, strong, focused. 
Our bodies and minds were made to be used, stretched, challenged. I have no doubt about that. How else would we evolve? Expansion is the keyword of this body and mind that we have available for this short little lifetime. 
On another note, I follow a swedish yoga teacher on her instagram account and sometimes her blog as she is not only a famous lady and yogini, but she lives on our big sister island, Mallorca. Today she announced in the great Malou von Sivers TV-morning-show that she's moving back to Stockholm, Sweden. The father of two of her children died recently- he was also living on the island- and she now feels she needs to be united with all of her four children, in Stockholm. 
It reminds me of the Northern Wind, a strong theme in my inner life. I wrote about it here  if you're interested :)
Anyway... somehow it makes me long for that freedom of just breaking up and leaving, even though it is not on the cards for me at all at this moment in my life. But that doesn't mean I don't feel it. 
I have to remind myself how happy I am today, here and now, with my family, in this place. I have to keep reminding myself this- and that makes me a tiny bit sad. Why does the mind always wander so FAR? When all there is, is here and now. And that's the only real beauty. 
Its not like I want to move back to Sweden.. Not at all. Its just that feeling of finishing everything and leaving for new adventures. I've done it so many times in my life. Finished. Walked out. Moved on. Broken up. And it's that exhilarating feeling of total freedom, of totally not knowing what's next- that extreme adventure of life, that I'm so addicted to. 
Now I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I have a 22 month old beautiful son. I have a family and a home- things I always avoided and once I had them, wouldn't change them for anything in the world. I wouldn't change it for anything. Really. Nada. 
But.. There's always a but. The deep longing in the soul. I'm sure we all have it, to some extent. The longing for freedom. Adventure. Not knowing. 


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