Trying to convince myself to rest

Yes, I know I mentioned I'm happy to be home. Very happy. Just look at this pretty place... Full of blossoms and fruits and greenery... dogs and cats and freedom...
I have some more complaints now regarding my pregnancy, though. Last night some pain set in. Like period pain, but gravitating towards labour-like pain. All the way around the abdomen and to the lower back, and it came and went very regularly, and it kept on all night. I googled it and of course it said it could be a sign of premature labour- exactly what a woman 30 weeks pregnant is worried about. So naturally, I didn't get much sleep in the night. It also said it could be a sign of dehydration and that I need to rest. I googled fluid intake, water calculator something, and according to my current weight and state, I should be drinking a crazy 3.5 litres a day- which I'm so not. 
This morning the pain was still there so I decided to call the hospital. They had no appointments and advised me to go to the emergency. I dropped my son at his kindergarten but then the pain was suddenly gone so I decided to go to Mercadona to do my chemicals-shopping, as I call it. Mercadona is the cheapie mega store of Spain and everything is chemicals here. That's why I only buy washing detergent, cleaning products, toilet paper, diapers, soap and such things here.
Once that was done I decided to go into Ibiza town to the bio shop and do the weekly shopping there, and after that it was just logical to do the veggies and fruits shopping next door. So no doctor and no emergency visit either. I cam home and felt slightly nauseous and the pain was back. So I tried, really tried to go to bed to rest. But since I entered the bed, I've done a lot of computer work and no resting, really. I find it very impossible to rest. It's not my thing, really. Just at night, of course.
I was also annoyed that I had to cancel my swimming due to the pain, but I realise that logically I probably should rest.
The almond blossoms are almost here! It's time for one of the most magical moments on this island. Time to take pictures and go for walks and enjoy the fragrance. So, so beautiful.
I really should try to rest now. My son is back home from the kindergarten and he has a bit of fever and a very runny nose, which means no sleep in the night, if he's really getting sick. But I'm pretty sure he is, as he's just back in the bacteria-garden, and he looks miserable, the poor little thing.