01 February 2015

Very Pregnant: Mints and Petrol

This is a few weeks ago in Sinai, Egypt. I was uncomfortable, cold, tired, annoyed with the dirt, the smoke, the wind, the flies... I had incredible pain in my back and suffered from insomnia, from moving around from place to place (travelling) and sleeping in different beds and places that were far from warm and clean and comfortable. I was coughing and had a cold that just would not go away.

Through my adult life, I have loved travelling, and I used to love the challenges of the discomfort. I used to stay in the cheapest places possible, and appreciate simplicity. The mental laundering you go through when travelling basic for a long time is amazing. It washes you free from addictions, and it makes you appreciate life so much. Life takes on a different value, after a few months of living rough and simple.
But I learnt my lesson- don't travel around while pregnant. It's just too much- unless maybe you are having an amazingly easy pregnancy and can sleep anywhere under any conditions. In any case, the conclusion is that it's just not for me. 
Now I'm back home in Ibiza and where I feel I should be at this stage of the pregnancy. I'm about 7 months along and it's getting to the very uncomfortable state of being big, heavy, needing to pee all the time, in need of coziness and comfort. I am back to the public swimming pool in the morning (ahhh... weightlessness!!) and back in my very comfortable, clean and warm bed with lots of pillows to prop me up comfortably. Back in my house where I can get up and eat in the middle of the night- eating the things I like, from my fridge, healthy things, yummy things. I don't have to wait for a slow, lazy bedouin service to get my food ready and there are no flies all over my plate.

I'm having the weirdest cravings this pregnancy: mints and petrol. Especially the smell. I mean I wouldn't eat petrol in any case, but if it had come in an edible form, I probably would have had loads of it.
I'm inhaling Eucalyptus essential oil like it's cocaine and eating masses of mints- I prefer the ones sweetened with artificial stuff like maltitol and sorbitol. Don't ask me why. If I could swim in an ocean of petrol and eucalyptus, I would.

I'm so happy to be home.
No more pregnant travelling, thanks.

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