Sunset in March with spontaneous photoshoot

When I was pregnant with Pi, we used to do regular photoshoots throughout the pregnancy. It was a really nice project and we had a lot of fun. One time we even got a stylist and set up a studio in our kitchen. 
Now it's different. This pregnancy is passing by a little bit more unnoticed and Pi is getting most of our attention. We keep saying "we need to do a photoshoot!" but it just doesn't happen as the day-to-day business is happening all the time and once Pi is asleep both parents just collapse. Life... Happening. 
On Sunday we went to one of our favourite beaches, Cala Conta, to watch the sunset. When we arrived, it was very blue-purple-yellow toned and looked like an oil painting. We then spontaneously took some pictures with me, Pi and the belly in front of this cool grafitti-wall in Cala Contita. Once the sun had set, this incredibly pink glowing light came out from behind this big rock in front of the beach. Wow. So beautiful! 
Here are some pictures: 

here it's called Pregnancy Photography Ibiza.