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April poppy fields forever

Such a beautiful time of the year here in the Balearics. This time of the year will forever remind me of the birth of my son, Pi. I was so deliriously happy and oxytocine-high. Walking through the fields of poppies and wild orchids carrying my little newborn, the warm wind caressing us, our dog running around happily, my Noam with tears of joy in his eyes pretty much constantly. And at the same time, seeing these flowers every passing year makes me so aware of life and death. Yesterday was the 100th birthday of my beloved grandmother. She was for me the personification of strength, life, power and survival. I childishly thought she would never die. But she did, 4 months and 6 days ago. It surprised me, and it made me realize on a bigger scale that we shall all die. As sure as these poppies are blossoming now, as sure it is that they shall very soon all be dead. Only their offspring will live on inside the ground, and blossom, thrive and live again next April. April is a month of begin…

Still pregnant...

And now in the waiting game!I remember those days in my pregnancy with Pi... they seemed so endless and long. Now, it's different. I have Pi to make the days race by. Now when the easter week is over, we are back to normal routines (even though I do find it strange that he is still sleeping at 08:13 and I am not!)
A few more days of waiting, I guess... Another check up today. We shall see. I am definitely prepared now though.