12 sun salutations, Thai salad, shower and work

Funny how we suddenly can appreciate these things so incredibly much. Simple everyday things that used to be an obvious element in life; suddenly when you become a mother- and even more do, a mother of two- they just become these previous gems that make a day special.
Today Noam took Pi for some Saturday markets and shopping, and I'm home alone with baby Noy, who has so far blessed me with more than an hours' sleep- alone! Meaning not sleeping on tip of me or in the baby carrier, which he does easily. He is however not easily put down alone on the bed. He doesn't want to be alone- asleep it awake. As babies do. 
So I did 12 sun salutations. Wow!
I was officially out of my post birth healing time of 5 weeks, on Tuesday this week. I had a practice on Wednesday, a 20 minute shanti practice of just testing flexibility and strength. I was surprised at how strong I am. 
And no time Thursday Friday but today.. Ahh! They went quite quickly, I had no patience to stay for very long breaths, and I knew that Noy could wake up any second. So 12 quite fast moving surya namaskar, with proper chaturanga/plank transition which I handled very easily. I'm so strong! Incredible!
After my first pregnancy I was shaking and weak. This pregnancy I stayed very fit until the last day, and I put on 7 kilos less. So much better. So much easier. So much more logical. Good thing we learn from mistakes! 
A shower without anyone screaming at me or to me or pulling the shower head away from me, a spicy Thai salad taken home after last nights meal out, make up, a big green tea and now on the bed next to my still sleeping baby, about to work. 
So much quietness, space and peace! Wow! 
Happy Saturday!


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