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Is this normal? Life with 2 kids during Ibiza high season

Today I did this: - Breastfed + changed diapers in the night - Breastfed in the morning - got up and made coffee while switching on the phone and the computer - checked messages, mails - started preparing noams coffee - started preparing Pi's bag for kindergarden  - went to the toilet while checking emails  - made Pi breakfast - made Noam coffee - Breastfed noy - prepared Pi's food for kindergarden  - prepared Pi's clothes - fixed pi's hair - brushed my teeth while going to the toilet - dressed Noy changed diaper  - told Noam to help out with dressing Pi - put both kids in their car seats - put rubbish in car - left the house - returned after 2 mins, forgot something - picked it up - left the house - threw away rubbish - drove to kindergarden - dropped Pi there - drove to Cala Conta while doing my post-birth Kegels - stopped in bank in Sant Josep to take out cash - arrive house cala conta bring things and baby inside - call Omar call Patricia - Patricia arrive workers…