Middle of the Ibiza season

Here we are, right in the middle of it all. I keep saying, since becoming a mother, that "I've never been this busy before" and it keeps getting truer and truer with each moment. Each season in Ibiza is busier and with the next baby having arrived just in time for this season 2015, being busy has taken on a whole new dimension. 
I used to think I was busy. 
I knew nothing back then!
Having two children, one husband, one dog, three cats, a business... Wow. 
The way I know I've never been busier before, is by this fact; for the first time in 13 years I honestly don't have time to do yoga. That NEVER happened before. Yoga was my priority and I always made time for it. The only break I had was when I had malaria and was too sick to do my practice. But then I did lying down poses in bed, as that was where I spent my time, sick, in Gokarna, India. 
Sometimes I feel I'm gonna break, but then in the next second I know I don't do breaking. With all what's going on, I can't break, I won't break, and I don't want to break. 
Sometimes I wish for the time to pass faster so this summer will be over. The heat is awful, all the masses of tourists everywhere is inconvenient and annoying, all the work..relentless.  And in the next moment I think I don't want this time to pass, as this is such an incredible time, being a mother to these two little heartbreakers. And living in Ibiza, such a beautiful place, so free, so clean, with so many interesting people passing through.It's all so beautiful and it's right in the middle of the season 2015, and it's right in the middle of my life, and it's better now than ever. Better than it ever will be. Thank you, life. 


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