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Podcast with... me! By Karolina from Leaving Green Footprints

The wonderful Karolina from Leaving Green Footprints and I met at a sweet organic bakery in Malmö this winter. She interviewed me and made me bare my soul. Literally. I'm a bit afraid to share this, as it might offend certain people that I've interacted with during the specific yoga-food-spirituality journey that we are talking about. So I'm not yet ready to share this on Facebook, as that would be too directly reaching these people. But if anyone comes across it here- then here. Here it is. 
Thank you Karolina, I'm deeply flattered that you thought my story interesting enough to share on your fantastic podcast project. Much love to you! 

Any comments welcome! 

India's chaotic lesson in letting go

"The hotel clerk took pity on me, pointing out that in Hindi, the word for tomorrow is the same as the word for yesterday. I began to see that I needed to let go of my rigid expectation of time as something linear and immutable, and I needed to relinquish the illusion of control."

Just found this article on the BBC News website  which rings so true to me and probably most India-travellers. 
The reason everyone has a love-hate relationship with this country is exactly this; you surrender to India's chaos, and you learn so much about the art of letting go. 

All questions are answered yes AND no. All questions for directions are pointed in different, vague directions. Tomorrow and yesterday are both (and all) non-existent and blurry, because This Moment is all we really have. 

Last time I left India, I'd had more than enough. First time, it nearly killed me with malaria and salmonella, changed my whole direction in life and most of all, changed me. Second time I went to wor…

Just do it: How to yoga with infant

This is how I do yoga some days. Other days I manage a few minutes while baby is asleep and toddler is at the kindergarten.  The first 6 weeks of being a mother of two, I didn't manage more than a total of like 43 minutes of yoga, during that whole adjustment-period. It was really, really hard, and I've just never been that busy in my life, with Ibiza season being in full swing and our business full on.  But now it's September, the season is coming to an end, and I feel renewed and refreshed. New motivation coming from "having made it through" the crazy summer, with a whole long creative, quiet, fresh winter season to look forward to. A "back to school"-feeling.  Since yesterday, I have a new resolution- instead of the daily 10 minutes I've been managing for the past couple of months, I'm now stepping up the game and doing 20 minutes per day while at the same time decreasing my two coffees a day to just one and instead increasing the daily cup of g…