Just do it: How to yoga with infant

This is how I do yoga some days. Other days I manage a few minutes while baby is asleep and toddler is at the kindergarten. 
The first 6 weeks of being a mother of two, I didn't manage more than a total of like 43 minutes of yoga, during that whole adjustment-period. It was really, really hard, and I've just never been that busy in my life, with Ibiza season being in full swing and our business full on. 
But now it's September, the season is coming to an end, and I feel renewed and refreshed. New motivation coming from "having made it through" the crazy summer, with a whole long creative, quiet, fresh winter season to look forward to. A "back to school"-feeling. 
Since yesterday, I have a new resolution- instead of the daily 10 minutes I've been managing for the past couple of months, I'm now stepping up the game and doing 20 minutes per day while at the same time decreasing my two coffees a day to just one and instead increasing the daily cup of green tea to two of those antioxidant health-bombs. Much better. No more excuses- because that's what they are at this point, when I'm not working so much anymore. 
It's hard though- very hard. How do you get 20 minutes on the mat while you're with a demanding infant? Some might ask; how do you work with a demanding infant? That's not so hard. I take him in the car with me to go to meetings and stuff I need to do, and he just sleeps. And while answering emails and messages, I put him to breastfeed. DOING things is easy; he's amused by facing forwards or simply sleeping and hanging out in the BabyBj√∂rn, going places, meeting people. But staying at home while I'm cooking cleaning and doing yoga, takes much more effort in amusing him. 
Well, the main thing is: just do it. Do it with baby on the mat, and talk to baby while doing it. Or distract baby. Or if you're lucky enough that baby's sleeping (and that not ON you) then don't waste that precious time- JUST DO IT. No showering or cleaning or checking Facebook. Yoga!!! 
It makes me feel a million times better. Natural energy. Strong. No back pain. Centered. No shoulder pain. Less stressed. The feeling of getting the core muscles back. More like ME. 
And less coffee in my case means less angry. And easier to take a nap if the opportunity represents itself. 
Only benefits. 
Only good. 
Love yoga. 
Just do it. 
Just do it.