At home on the yoga mat

At home everywhere on the yoga mat. That's how I feel a lot of the time. The mat is my home in this life of change. In this life of moving around a lot, in this life of traveling, in this life of living in another place from that which I was born in. 
This mat is the one I bought my mother nearly 10 years ago. That was the time when I still thought I could change others. Now I know I can only change myself. 
Coming back to Sweden, the place I was born in, is conflicting for me in many ways. I hate it and I love it. Everyone who lives somewhere else would lie if they said they didn't escape FROM something. Everyone who leaves, has a story. Everyone who travels far, has a story. Sometimes one of terror and fear, and sometimes one of inner longing. 
I've lived in so many places, I've travelled a lot. But now for nearly 14 years I've practiced yoga everywhere I've been. The yoga mat is the place I come home to, the place I remember my core, the place I reconnect with ME. 


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