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The pain of this life: how yoga shows me the way

This picture says things on a few different levels. 
It says I practice yoga wherever I am (in this case, my parents kitchen in their apartment in Sweden)
It says I'm quite flexible
It says I'll do it even with my 2-year old climbing on top of me through the whole practice
It says my 2-year old is standing on top of me like a boss
It says I have a boss
It says I surrender to my boss. 

I have practiced yoga for the past 13 years. Almost every day. Through travels and change. Through ups and downs. 
Through a 14-kilo toddler climbing on me, pushing my hips further towards excruciating pain. Through relationships, through studies, at work, on vacation. Through giving birth, through almost dying from malaria. 

Yoga keeps surprising me, every time I think I had it nailed. 
It gives me so much- a place to know myself, mostly. A place to understand how I'm feeling. A place to understand that today I might be feeling different from yesterday- may it be physically, emotionally, spiritually. …