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My 5 days of non-yoga at the Ashiyana Yoga Retreat in Goa

I tried... I really tried. Taking classes at this amazingly beautiful yoga center called Ashiyana, here in Mandrem Beach, Goa, India.  Believe me, I was all excited, up for it, into it... all of it.  But.. it just didn't work out for me.  I had set myself up for taking 7 classes. Potential 21, as I imagined myself blissfully getting more and more zen-ed out and peaceful and yogic with each and every incense-hazy class. I got a babysitter for my two little boys, as I didn't want to have to arrange with their daddy each and every time, as he is kind of too flexible in his lifestyle when on holiday for setting up exact timings with.  So, all arranged, all perfect. First morning at 8 am I came with not such high expectations. I thought I'd just go and enjoy having this 2 hour class time to myself, introspective, you know, meditative.. Quiet mind.. peaceful, beautiful place.. All Buddhas and palm trees and lotus ponds.  The class was packed, the room was full, the teacher was a Briti…

Ashiyana Yoga Retreat: my luxury

Such a rare luxury for me! I never take yoga classes. (That's not true. I took an amazing class with Emma Henry who visited Ibiza last year, when I was three months pregnant with baby Noy. And I took three classes in Ibiza a few months ago with my friend Katja.) But considering the fact that I practice yoga 6 days a week, considering what a huge part yoga plays in my life, I never take classes. I live in Ibiza, a place considered a spiritual yoga heaven by many, but to be honest, where would you go for a class in Ibiza? There's the run down Ibiza Yoga in Benniras with unrealistically long classes of three hours, which can work if you're on holiday but not for busy locals. There's the Spanish yoga center in Plaza Parque with too-much-spiritual-nonsense-talk classes mostly in Spanish. There's the odd yoga class at Galeria Elefante in the small and odd-shaped studio with classes that never seem to be consistent or grow roots. Teachers come and go and try and leave. Th…

Does the perfect beach exist?

Does it?I've been to many of them. Perfect beaches, I mean. But the ultimate one? Does it exist? I got pretty close a few times. They were not just beaches; they were a state of mind. Like Lampuuk, in northern Sumatra, Indonesia. That place- yes, that place, right next to the village, Lhok'gna, the epicenter of the tsunami that wiped out Banda Aceh and all the people living on that coast. I was there in 2001; in fact I was there as the Twin Towers fell.  An existence filled with such pure simplicity and beauty; such utopian silence and exotic basic living. A cluster of bamboo bungalows on the stunning beach. Turtles riding the surf waves. Dinner was whatever was caught in that sea- tuna or shark. With rice. Only. Everyone eating together. Hammocks. An island nearby where deliveries were obtained from. Total quiet. A bunch of weirdo travelers- an unlikely collection of those who were not afraid to go into aceh, a Muslim separatist's land filled with Rebels of the GAM running …

Never this relaxed

I'm just never this relaxed. I can't remember last time I was so shanti. Normally I'm full of physical energy that I need to spend each day. Since I got to India I have more and more let go from the inside. Surrendered to some kind of mysterious flow. Sinking into life. Not so worried. And I really enjoy quiet moments when everyone is sleeping and I'm just lying awake, letting my mind wander into the past and the future, enjoying the beautiful visuals it's giving me. Like a movie of memories and dreams. India does this to me. Like a re-set button. A powerful place to set intention. To let go of the old. To visualize the next chapter. Sometimes most of that stuff happens when we are totally still; like now. Spending day after day on the beach. Not knowing what day it is, not caring what time it is. 

Om Beach, Karnataka, India

Hello from Om Beach! A beautifully curved bay just south of Gokarna, Karnataka. A few hours south of the all too developed Goa, there is this quiet piece of heaven.  We thought we would need the comfort of the developed for the kids to be ok but here, we all seem to have found total relaxation. So quiet, simple and pure. Nothing fancy and yet so clean compared to much of India, so quiet and so easygoing. The food is nothing to write home about and would be my only real complaint. Simple and boring. But at least.. Clean. And we brought our own coffee so the mornings are saved! The days are floating by with the absolute plan less heaven of a real holiday paradise. We spend our days within not even 100 square meters; going between the restaurant and the beach and our bungalow. Pi runs freely everywhere, it's so safe. The staff love the kids.  I work a few hours a day and do yoga every day, so I'm happy (I could never relax 24 hours a day- not my thing!)