05 February 2016

Never this relaxed

I'm just never this relaxed. I can't remember last time I was so shanti. Normally I'm full of physical energy that I need to spend each day. Since I got to India I have more and more let go from the inside. Surrendered to some kind of mysterious flow. Sinking into life. Not so worried. And I really enjoy quiet moments when everyone is sleeping and I'm just lying awake, letting my mind wander into the past and the future, enjoying the beautiful visuals it's giving me. Like a movie of memories and dreams. India does this to me. Like a re-set button. A powerful place to set intention. To let go of the old. To visualize the next chapter. Sometimes most of that stuff happens when we are totally still; like now. Spending day after day on the beach. Not knowing what day it is, not caring what time it is.