03 February 2016

Om Beach, Karnataka, India

Hello from Om Beach!
A beautifully curved bay just south of Gokarna, Karnataka. A few hours south of the all too developed Goa, there is this quiet piece of heaven. 
We thought we would need the comfort of the developed for the kids to be ok but here, we all seem to have found total relaxation. So quiet, simple and pure. Nothing fancy and yet so clean compared to much of India, so quiet and so easygoing.
The food is nothing to write home about and would be my only real complaint. Simple and boring. But at least.. Clean. And we brought our own coffee so the mornings are saved!
The days are floating by with the absolute plan less heaven of a real holiday paradise. We spend our days within not even 100 square meters; going between the restaurant and the beach and our bungalow. Pi runs freely everywhere, it's so safe. The staff love the kids. 
I work a few hours a day and do yoga every day, so I'm happy (I could never relax 24 hours a day- not my thing!)