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Missing home

I love this picture. It reminds me of childhood- my childhood. Even though I wasn't this pretty, I also had this white-blonde hair and I grew up in the south of Sweden, where this picture is taken. 
This beach is probably Skanör beach, in the area known as Skanör-Falsterbo at the very south west of Skåne. The light here is incredibly special. I always said to myself that this is my favourite area in Sweden, and if I ever moved back, I'd like to live here. 

I moved away from Sweden when I was 20 and 4 months. I graduated from high school at 19 and worked for 10 months, and then I went with a Swedish family to Alicante, Spain, to be their au-pair. 
And from then it just went on and on. I went further and further away, but in between the trips and the places, I kept coming home to Sweden. I even tried to live there for periods of time, in the end always failing, through my strong inner desire to move around in the world. 

But the day came when I finally settled in Spain. I came here …

Insane yoga

It might sound insane; but it is the one and only thing in my life that keeps me sane at the moment. It's the end of the season and it feels like it's all falling apart. Literally. Everyone's brains are fried, everyone forgets everything, no one has energy left for working. But the tourists, they keep on coming.  My beloved Maria, who has been with us for three years, suddenly announced not only that she's pregnant, but also that she's going on holiday in September, for a month. I was shocked at the news and knew it would mean disaster. And the disaster is worse than I could have anticipated. When you have someone working for you for a long time, you become comfortable with each other, you don't have to make so much efforts to understand each other, and things flow easily and smoothly.  I am also realizing that she's a bloody workhorse and an amazingly fast one, too.  The result is chaos all around me and in more than the professional area; basically everythin…

Ibiza, you took my heart, and now I've taken it back

It was love at first sight, such an immediate feeling of "ah.. I'm home"I know I'm far from the only one to have felt that way about this island. It IS SPECIAL, very very special. It is stunningly beautiful, parts of it in biblical ways, other parts in paradisiacal ways. Parts of Ibiza look like the garden of Eden, and others like the picture perfect beach. Her landscapes are beautiful, pure, crystalline and raw. Natural, with fruits and vegetables growing freely in nature.  The first winter I spent in my house in Ibiza was like Christmas every day, picking huge, juicy oranges off the trees, chili from the bushes below, and pomegranates to sprinkle in my salads. In September the figs were so abundant and almost erotic, and the grapes had this golden color that mesmerized me, thinking of the significance it had for centuries of wine making, not to mention wine drinking.  I kind of ignored the bad sides of the island, which I'll also now ignore, not really wanting to…

The not so perfect perfection: all roads lead to Rome

The last time I wrote something I was pondering on how I need movement in my life. "The northern wind" as I call it. When the northern wind blows through my soul, I am itching terribly from the inside to get on a plane. I even feel relief from the itch just getting closer to the airport. Yes, it's a bit funny, maybe a bit sad, that I have this. Never mind. Doesn't change the fact that the fact IS that I have this escapist, restless thing, which has become ME more and more the older I get.

So whenever I drive to the airport (which you tend to do a lot in the season when you work with tourists) or even getting close to that area, I feel the usual excitement inside me. A relief; there is something else out there, and there is so much more than just THIS.

The trip after last time in Formentera went to Rome. 5-7 of July, to be precise. And it was perfectly imperfect- just like this picture. This picture is just so Rome. It doesn't get much more Rome. But then there'…