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Back to nature, silence and connection

After coming back home to Ibiza I appreciate it so much more. It's always the same; I get saturated and island-crazy after a long summer here, but once I leave and see other places, I come back with a newfound appreciation for the nature, freedom, silence, beauty.
I also decided gradually on a huge change in my life, which has really made a huge difference- I removed both the Facebook and the Instagram apps from my phone. These little tiny actions have cleared such huge spaces in my life, and I am suddenly connected for real. Before, Ithought I was connected, but in reality, I was sliding further and further away from the connection with myself, friends, my dog, nature... Reality. Because I was always scrolling on some app on my phone, looking at other peoples' lives, looking back at mine, feeling dissatisfaction. 
Since I'm back on the island, I am taking my dog for walks almost every day. I still take pictures as much as I used to, but not with the purpose of posting them …

Travel anecdotes (crying included)

I am back from 17 days away from this island. 
After only having been here for a few hours and despite not having slept more than 2 hours last night, I went for my favourite round with my dog. I needed that- nature. It’s that thing I miss the most when I go away.  I’ve been in nature also now that I’ve been away, but here, it seems so close, and so real, and so untouched, so raw, so cute… Just look at these few pictures I snapped casually on my phone while walking.  This island is humid, and the humidity makes everything seem so alive, like a warm, cozy embrace. Everything is so green and lush. And these fruits that are just hanging freely everywhere… It’s just unique. Un-manicured and barely touched by the hands of man. In an almost innocent way, things look like they've always looked. Like modernity and machines never really arrived on this bubble of an island.

During my walk I thought about how much I love the pine-scented forest and the silent countryside. The goats, chickens…