Back to nature, silence and connection

 After coming back home to Ibiza I appreciate it so much more. It's always the same; I get saturated and island-crazy after a long summer here, but once I leave and see other places, I come back with a newfound appreciation for the nature, freedom, silence, beauty.
I also decided gradually on a huge change in my life, which has really made a huge difference- I removed both the Facebook and the Instagram apps from my phone. These little tiny actions have cleared such huge spaces in my life, and I am suddenly connected for real. Before, I thought I was connected, but in reality, I was sliding further and further away from the connection with myself, friends, my dog, nature... Reality. Because I was always scrolling on some app on my phone, looking at other peoples' lives, looking back at mine, feeling dissatisfaction. 

 Since I'm back on the island, I am taking my dog for walks almost every day. I still take pictures as much as I used to, but not with the purpose of posting them on social media. Just for the purpose of... it. Just for doing it, because I love doing it. Because I took pictures long before social media and iPhones and even digital cameras. It's what I do. For ME. Not for followers and likes. 
It's such a relief, like kicking an addiction that has clouded my life for years. The more connected I was in social media, the more likes I got, the more disconnected I was from reality. Since I stopped wasting my time there, I am already much more connected to nature around me, connection to real people, real friends via old fashioned media like email, and the pictures I take, I send to my personal one-to-one connections in whatsapp instead, because yes, I do use whatsapp a lot, as so many of my friends and connections are in other countries. 

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