Going back in time to a place in the memory-banks

The view from the Airbnb-apartment
 I love going back, to walk back through my own memories. To re-discover a place that I spent time in already, to re-trace my own steps.
I didn't spend much time in Malaga that time in my early 20´s. I think it was less than a week. But a week packed with fun, visiting my dear friend Elin, who was studying Spanish here. I have clear memories from certain situations, and certain places. The sound of the wild parrots, for example- the soundtrack of the city. So exotically funny. There was especially this restaurant that I remembered- I found it this time- El Pimpi. It was a classical place, old and famous, which had now, almost 20 years later, become a huge operation with even a shop dedicated to "el Pimpi-products". A brand, a lifestyle. A place to be.
Yes, things change. Thank god that they do. Imagine if every place was the exact same every time we visited. Although change is hard, it is also the only constant thing in life. So sad the Buddha, and he was kind of a smart guy. 

The elegance of the people. The pride. 
The winter sunlight hitting the higher buildings

That fort... overlooking the city. I climbed it last time, with Elin and her friends. Not this time. 
Winter sunset colours from a rooftop bar
Inside El Pimpi
The El Pimpi-experience