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The traveller who landed (maybe temporarily)

The traveller who landed. Yes. That's how it feels right now. 
I've been through traveller's hell and I've come back more adult, more grounded, more accepting. 

For me, living a seasonal lifestyle in Ibiza goes absolutely perfectly together with travelling in the winters. For me it's kind of been the whole point of living here- the fact that there's time and freedom to go away in the winters, for months on end, like I've always done. The only difference being that I these days have two small children (2 and 4 in April this year). So far, I've managed to drag them along to different places, but when we spent a week in Barcelona over the New Year, while I had a blast, they seemed to genuinely wonder what we were doing there. Pi, the older one, kept asking me "mummy, why are we in Barcelona??" I asked him "isn't it fun?? Isn't it GREAT??" and he was kind of uncertain about it. Missing his home, his room, his father, his friends, h…

To mean what you say, and say what you mean

This picture is of my two sons sharing a fresh coconut, taken at Paradise Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka, South India.
This place has a huge significance for me. I had malaria when I was here in 2006, and my life was saved by very special people, whom I remain deeply connected to in my heart. 
When I was back here with my family in January 2016, a year ago, I felt the connection vibrate deeply trough me, sometimes in an almost electrical way. 

I feel all of this so clearly inside myself. But now, as I read the above, none of those words have very deep meaning for other people. 
I feel things deeply inside myself and I realise I might not always communicate all those feelings very clearly. Actually, for me, to write is a much easier form of communication than speaking directly with other human beings.

Why? Maybe because I am an introvert, and I take in all outside impressions very strongly, and I need to process all of it in solitude for it not to clog me up and block me completely. 
Maybe it'…

Procrastination Perfection

I don't usually see myself as a procrastinator. 
Only in three rare cases; where it is ALWAYS happening. 

Case 1. Every three months when I have to collect all invoices and costs and write them all down into this horrible ugly and boring Excel-sheet and send to our accountant. 

Case 2. A blast from the past. Today's procrastination reminds me of my three years at SOAS, University of London, procrastinating BIG TIME before each and every bloody essay I had to write during those years. It was all essay/paper-based. All I ever bloody did was write. I must have written a billion words during those years. I did love it, I did, I did love it... But it was bloody hard to get going, each and every time I was struggling with cups of teas, dust particles, fridges magically opening themselves up and inviting me for yet another snack and not to mention re-organisation of whatever living space I was in (a new one for each term, basically. I am a gipsy at heart and I loved discovering differen…