Procrastination Perfection

I don't usually see myself as a procrastinator. 
Only in three rare cases; where it is ALWAYS happening. 

Case 1. Every three months when I have to collect all invoices and costs and write them all down into this horrible ugly and boring Excel-sheet and send to our accountant. 

Case 2. A blast from the past. Today's procrastination reminds me of my three years at SOAS, University of London, procrastinating BIG TIME before each and every bloody essay I had to write during those years. It was all essay/paper-based. All I ever bloody did was write. I must have written a billion words during those years. I did love it, I did, I did love it... But it was bloody hard to get going, each and every time I was struggling with cups of teas, dust particles, fridges magically opening themselves up and inviting me for yet another snack and not to mention re-organisation of whatever living space I was in (a new one for each term, basically. I am a gipsy at heart and I loved discovering different (rough) parts of London. 

Case 3. I forgot what it was I thought about. As I said, I am not usually a procrastinator. I'm usually more like "JUST DO IT"

So here I am, case 1 currently happening, and I'm suddenly making a board on Pinterest (Pinterest only gets used four times a year by me, those are the four times that case 1 has to happen.) I made a (secret) board with new hairstyles. My god...
And then I'm going through my old blog posts, thinking, wow, why am I not writing more? I should really write more!
Then I comb my hair in detail and think to my reflection in the mirror that I should really do something about this color, as it looks dead. Yes, dead. MUERTO. that's what I'll tell Bea, my hairdresser. "Parece muerto!!! Tienes que hacer algo, por favor!"

Like that. 

Another cup of tea. Ooo! I have this nice Pukka-tea, TROIS REGLISSES or something, ooo, it's in FRENCH and it's licorice, oooo I loooove licorice! 

Then I check my fat belly for a bit. 

Then I eat a little bit so I have a fat belly to check out. 

Then I write a to-do-list. Suddenly I see how much there is to do!!

I have less than two hours until the kids are back. There's no way I'll be able to finish this today. I might as well do it tomorrow. 

Yep. I guess I'll be writing another blog post tomorrow. 

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