Formentera: my escape from life


We went to Formentera for the day. I've rarely seen a sea like this. It hurts my eyes, it's so beautiful. I never want to leave. I want to dive in and disappear into the turquoise underwater paradise. 
It's like an escape from life, Formentera. It is a tiny island. You can feel the edges of it wherever you are. It always ends, nearby, the end is right there, and each ending is a beginning of THIS (see above). So every ending is a beginning of paradise, and paradise is so near, wherever you go. The island is flat, dry, like desert. Salty, pink salt pools, feels like a flamingo would land graciously any moment. The Catalan is even more filled with dialect than Ibicenco. It feels deserted, and close. Far away, and near. 

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