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I am an introvert

Hi. I am Linda. I am an introvert. 
Yes! An in-tro-vert.
This is a wonderful, simply illustrated article on what it is like for an introvert to process information. It is just simply put: different from that of an extrovert. According to Susan Cain, the mother of all introvert-information out there, the modern pioneer in advocating introvert's rights, says that it is often seen as something shameful to be an introvert in today's extrovert culture. In schools, extroverted children are prized, even though introverted ones get better grades. Susan says that Western society has always favoured the man of action, over the man of contemplation. 
On the website Psychology Today in an article about introverts and extroverts, the percentage of the two types are divided in a very vague way. They write that extroverts make up 50-74 procent of the population while introverts are 16-50 procent. 
They explain the main difference between extroverts and introverts as having their brains wired dif…

Full Moon Vibes in Ibiza

It has been crazy since the New Moon in Taurus 2 weeks ago. So crazy that I sometimes thought I'd drop dead from a stroke. I had so much to do that it was becoming humanly impossible for one human being to do all the things that I did. 
Today, with the full moon, it eased up. It all relaxed for me. I decided to devote time and effort to bring myself back to one piece, to relax, to do the things I need to do in order for me to feel good. I have spent year and years trying to find routines, lifestyle and choices that work for me and make me feel centered, connected and relaxed. And efficient. And happy! Because I am an introvert, I really need time alone, to write, read, go inside myself, write lists, think, ponder on astrological events, watch movies that inspire me, stay at home, cook, organise my days. Stuff like that. It makes me feel good. 

But I have these periods in life, every now and then, when I lose all of it. It's like I'm normally a train that is going at a nice, …

My little corner. My little brain

I have my own little corner in this world.
I have had other corners before. Not many square metres. Never.

But a place that I can call mine. Just mine. My little 50-something square metres. My home.

It didn't come easy. It isn't easy. But at least t's my space. My little tiny space on this planet. At least I have this.

And I get to see this sunset. I smell the perfume of the boats, the harbour. It reminds me of the world out there.

I have lived on a small island for 5 years. And a couple of days. That altogether 1825 days. Plus a couple more days. Those are many long days for someone like me. I miss the world. I miss change. I don't like the same all the time.

But I like to have my space. I don't mind if it changes every now and then. But a space. A place. Mine. My rules. My standard.

Change, I love.

I love you, change.

Can my little 50 square something metres little space that I call my own change soon to something else, somewhere else- that would make me happy. I smell th…

I finally went on that life-changing trip

I first came to Puglia in 2008, I think it must have been early October. I'd had an awesome time in Tuscany and Rome and Calabria and was arriving there by train, filled to the max with beautiful experiences and electric connections, not really expecting much else than just a half-boring yoga teacher training that I had signed up for, not really knowing what else to do with my life after finishing my degree in Indian Philosophy at SOAS, University of London. 

As the train cut through Basilicata and into Puglia, the amount of olive trees that swooshed past started to be shocking. After a while, I realised that it just wasn't going to end. Endless amount of them, large, proud, thick. Planted in perfect rows, with no sigh of the end, or the horizon. 

My eyes widened as I started to think I was hallucinating. Was I going insane?
It went on for hours. Endless olive trees. I felt as if there was a movie on repeat outside of the train window. 

As the train finally stopped in Bari, I wait…