Full Moon Vibes in Ibiza

 It has been crazy since the New Moon in Taurus 2 weeks ago. So crazy that I sometimes thought I'd drop dead from a stroke. I had so much to do that it was becoming humanly impossible for one human being to do all the things that I did. 
Today, with the full moon, it eased up. It all relaxed for me. I decided to devote time and effort to bring myself back to one piece, to relax, to do the things I need to do in order for me to feel good. I have spent year and years trying to find routines, lifestyle and choices that work for me and make me feel centered, connected and relaxed. And efficient. And happy! Because I am an introvert, I really need time alone, to write, read, go inside myself, write lists, think, ponder on astrological events, watch movies that inspire me, stay at home, cook, organise my days. Stuff like that. It makes me feel good. 

But I have these periods in life, every now and then, when I lose all of it. It's like I'm normally a train that is going at a nice, steady pace, forward, stopping every now and then, and then slowly and nicely coming up to a nice, comfortable speed again. But very rarely, usually with difficult life situations, the train starts to catch speed, and sometimes, it derails completely. So far it hasn't crashed, it's only derailed and gone dramatically fast, but thankfully I've managed to take back control over my train. 

I need a yoga practice every day, to physically stretch out and detox myself of emotions that got stuck in my limbs and joints. I need a shower every day- I love the feeling of the water as it washes over my skin, especially at the end of the day. It's energetically so clearing. It's like washing off all the negativity and feelings and energies of other people from that day. 
I need to be creative. To write. Writing is my "thing" that I have done since I knew how to write, it's my creative outlet, it's what makes me excited, centered, whole and peaceful. And happy. 
Today with the full moon, I feel a huge turning point. It is also the shift of the nodes, from the Virgo-Pisces axis, to the Leo-Aquarius. As I myself have my nodes in Virgo-Pisces, this was my second nodal return, where I had to lean some crazy karmic lessons. An dit was as if karma was speeding things up in the last two weeks; literally throwing lessons at me, one after the other, at a faster and faster speed. Like saying "here you go bitch, here are your life lessons, don't think those last 18 months were enough, this is to make sure you really GOT IT."
And today was like....aaaahhhh. And.... relax. Release. Let go. New energies. Transformation. Time to start new and fresh. 
Time for me to focus more on healthier routines. Cut down on "doing" and do more "being". Better preparing. Better focus on my yoga and meditation daily. Less work. Less running around. Delegate more. Working from home. Stay at home. Cook. Watch movies. Chill the fuck out once in a while. Stay sane. In the middle of the Ibiza madness season, stay sane. Because health is the most important. 
I went to the beach in the evening, to sit and think. It was cold but it was medicine. I love the salty air and the winds and the million shades of blue. I feel so much better now. Thank you. 

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