Going through the change

I am going through so much change lately, and it seems to just keep on coming. Sometimes it's so overwhelming, that I feel dizzy, or have out-of-body-like experiences. I had similar feelings when I got pregnant the first time; I lay awake in bed at night, knowing that HUGE CHANGE was coming, and I guess the scary part of change is that what lays ahead, is often unknown. Although I knew I was having a baby and I was going to become a mother, in reality I actually had no idea what it actually meant.

I feel delusional at times for pursuing this change. “If nothing changes, nothing changes” is echoing in my head. It’s true. If I want things to change, I need to change them, and it needs to come from me. But change is scary and I hesitate sometimes. Most of the time I’m determined. 

This blog has been with me since 2010. That’s 7 year years. That’s a good amount of time. And it’s time for a change. Soon I’ll be online with my new website/blog, and I’ll be leaving this one behind. It’s been my creative outlet in so many moments, and it’s been so cool to just pour my heart out here, to have this space, where I can do that. 

But change. 



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