Linda Karlsson is a Swedish writer, traveller, photographer, yogini and mother, living on the vibrant and inspiring Mediterranean island of Ibiza.

Linda holds a BA in Indian Philosophy from SOAS(School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London) and an MA in Photojournalism from Universidad Autonoma in Barcelona.

She started writing at the age of 7 and still has all those diaries and stories packed in her parents basement in the south of Sweden.
Upon finishing high school, she immediately started travelling, with her first destination being the south of Spain, where she worked as an au-pair. Her journeying has continued since, with only sporadic stays in her native Sweden. Her travels have taken her to faraway destinations such as Mozambique, Bangladesh and Burma, to name a few.

Starting photography classes at the age of 23, combined with yoga classes, initiated two life long interests for her, and created the base for her university studies. Her undergraduate degree is focused on Indian and other Eastern religions and philosophies and her master degree is in Photojournalism.

Her year of photojournalist studies in Barcelona initiated her first publications; she wrote for Elephant Journal, and was published in a few Swedish travel magazines and daily newspapers. She also started a blog about Barcelona, and later Ibiza, for the Swedish travel magazine RES, for whom she has also published both text and photography. She also started writing a book which she then had rejected by most publishers, only to realise a few years later that it was only a first draft, so now she is back to working on it. It's about her yoga journey, where it has taken her; geographically, spiritually and psychologically, and the funny, weird and crazy people you meet in the yoga world.

After meeting her Israeli photographer husband, she moved to the island of Ibiza, where he had already lived for 12 years, to join him there. They soon had their first child, Pi, and Linda is currently pregnant with boy number 2.

The family continues to travel in the winters, and work hard during the summer tourist season on the island. So far little Pi, not yet 2 years old, has been on 31 flights and through numerous countries.

She continues to practice yoga now for the past 13 years but never really got hooked on teaching, despite having qualified as a Vinyasa Flow teacher in 2009 and teaching for a few years in Sweden and Ibiza- now only giving private classes on special occasions in Ibiza during the summers. Since moving to Ibiza she is also renting out vacation houses to tourists.

Linda is available for freelance writing, photography and yoga classes. She is registered as autónomo in Spain and if you're looking for your perfect holiday rental, she can probably help you! She has a range of different options available, something to suit each need. See www.candreamibiza.com for more information. 

Linda loves Ibiza for its feeling of freedom, and its cosmopolitan vibes. She speaks three languages daily and loves the stunning nature on the island and its healthy, non-judgemental attitude. Her son is growing up with no less than 5 languages.

Her blogs and writings are about motherhood, travelling, yoga and life in Ibiza. These days most of the pictures are taken by Noam Ofir, see www.noamofir.com for more info. 

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With her first son, Pi, her dog, Xucla (on the left) and another friendly dog on the right. Ibiza summer 2014.